railOscope by trafIT solutions


Navigation between railOscope views.


  • List of all subscriptions and spaces.
  • Edit personal settings (username, e-mail-address, password) by clicking the 🖉 button next to the title.


  • List of all documents that belong to this space.
  • User Management is handled on space-level and can be accessed from the space view.
  • Project Mangement is an experimental feature
  • Edit space settings (name, description) by clicking the 🖉 button next to the title.


  • This page servers as the jumping-page to the workspace as well as some other functionalities
  • Edit document settings (name, description, responsible person) by clicking the 🖉 button next to the title.
  • The responsible person is the person that users should contact for questions about the model itself.
  • The ticket management page can be accessed from here.
  • If projects are defined on the space-level, a project can be attached (or detached).


  • The workspace shows different views, depending on what data is available (infrastructure, timetable) and what features are part of the subscription.
  • Lists and tables of stations, lines, trains, ... are available to open the desired views.
  • The views are interconnected to easily jump from one view to another
  • Some views can be closed, minimized, maximized or realigned. Use drag&drop or the buttons in the upper right corner of a view.
  • Infrastructure: navigation tabs are available on the left, which help you find the desired data.
  • Timetable: the filter is situated on the right, which allows you to filter out the trains by various criteria.