railOscope by trafIT solutions

TopoEditor: Routes

  • Routes are created by selecting one or several (Main-)Signal and clicking the R button in the toolbar.
    This will create all missing routes. Exisiting routes will not be changed.
  • To create all possible routes within the model, click R without selecting any signals prior.
  • If two signals can be connected via differenct path, one route for each path will be created (with the same name).
  • The inspector of a signal shows all the routes that start or end at this signal. Click one of the routes to select it and change its settings.
  • If the path of a route is broken (i.e. after changing the topology) it can be fixed using R.

Explanation of referenced objects of routes. Original illustration by Jernbanedirektoratet

  • All these references can be chosen in the inspector by picker or list.
  • Approach Point: The maximum distance between approach point and entry signal is 2000m. Only elements in these range can be chosen.
  • Edge Points: (Expert Mode) For each traversed topoElement, the edgePoint that determines the ongoing path is stored. The path of a route can be changed/corrected by choosing different edgePoints or using the repair-function.
  • Overlap Eps: same principle as Edge Points.
  • Overlap End Point: The maximum distance between exit signal and overlap end point is 1500m. Only elements in these range can be chosen.
  • Partial Release Point: Entry and exit signal must not be chosen as partial release points. If no partial release point is chosen, the route is released as whole.