railOscope by trafIT solutions


Some settings can be set on user- space- or document-level. They are used in all models belonging to this document or space.

These settings can be set in the user-, space- or document-view. They will be used for all timetable-related views.

  • Default UIC Code: If OCPs are labelled by their ID, the default UIC code will be omitted.
  • Train Colors: The color of trains can be defined in the user-settings, the space-settings or for each document individually. Colors can be set as RGB values for certain train attributes such as trainType, kind or trainNumber (depending on the file content). Enter colors as semicolon-separated list such as:
  • Train Label Mode: Trains are labelled by this property.
  • Place Label: OCPs are labelled by this property.
  • Time vertical: In graphic timetable view, the time-axis is set vertically when this checkbox is set. Otherwise, time-axis is set horizontally. This setting can only be set on user-level.