railOscope by trafIT solutions

Topo Editor


The TopoEditor is used to edit one micro-infrastructure model. The model consists of tracks, switches, crossings, stations (also called OperationControlPoint, OCP) and many track elements such as signals, balises etc. The model is displayed with schematic screen coordinates. Typically track lengths are shortened and distances between tracks are widened for clarity.

There are a range of use cases for editing models, from just sketching an infrastructure to building a model, which can be used to simulate train traffic. railOscope tries to support all these use cases.

In order to achieve a nice, clean look, the elements are placed on a grid.

When starting a new model, we suggest the following sequence:

  • Start in TOPO-mode and enter track (edges) connected by switches and crossings.
  • If precise placement is needed, add kilometration to important points.
  • Continue by adding elements to tracks and edit their attributes.
  • Finally, fine-tune the model.

While we suggest to enter a model in the sequence edges, kilometration, elements, we know that this order cannot always be followed in practice. railOscope tries to give as much flexibility for model refactorings and changes as possible while maintaining internal consistency:

  • Tracks can be connected to other switches or crossings.
  • Switches can be inserted on tracks.
  • Subsequent tracks can be merged.
  • Entire stations can be copied as templates for new ones.