railOscope by trafIT solutions


  • Enter searchTerms separated by space.
  • Finds items that match each searchTerm.
  • Search is case-insensitive, quote searchTerms if containing spaces.
  • Search terms can be combined.

Search terms with whitespaces:

  • abc: items with an attribute containing abc
  • abc*: items with an attribute starting with abc
  • *abc: items with an attribute ending in abc
  • *: items with an attribute having any value

Search for items with specific attributes:

  • [attribute]=[searchTerm] items where attribute matches searchTerm
  • supported attributes e.g.: id, name, code, description, pos, km
  • [attribute] and [searchTerm] refer to the translated terms as in the inspector or the internal term
  • Examples:
    • dir=1
    • direction=up
    • approachSpeed=30
    • stop post direction=up