railOscope by trafIT solutions


Geo View

In the Geo View, OCPs and lines are displayed on a geographic map. The view gives an overview over all models contained in the document. It functions as springboard:

  • Click on a line to navigate to the Ribbon
  • Click on a line to navigate to the TopoEditor

A precondition for the Geo View is that OCPs must have geographic coordinates and crossSections must be placed on tracks.

Model Browser

The browser lists all models contained in a document.

It functions as a tabular overview to navigate to the Ribbon or TopoEditor. Additionally, the following functionality is provided:

  • Add a new model.
  • Delete an existing model.
  • Export a model to railML™ or JSON.
  • View Revisions

Revision Browser

The revision browser shows all revisions for a specific model.

  • It shows the date, user and changes for the revision.
  • A revision can be exported as railML.
  • A revision can be shown in the TopoEditor (read-only).
  • To go back to an old revision of a document, export it as railML and import it again using the Document View.

Ribbon View

To open the Ribbon View, click on a line in the Model Browser.

Displays information for a line. A line consists of all edges with trackType main. Edges of different models are connected using line / track / kilometration.

The following information is shown:

  • Speed changes (left to right and right to left)
  • Gradients
  • Heights
  • Kilometration and mileage jumps
  • Station area (from home signal in up direction to home signal in down direction)
  • Tracks
  • Models